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Vision 2030

In 2030, Sandwell is a thriving, optimistic and resilient community.

It’s where we call home and where we’re proud to belong - where we choose to bring up our families, where we feel safe and cared for, enjoying good health, rewarding work, feeling connected and valued in our neighbourhoods and communities, confident in the future, and benefiting fully from a revitalised West Midlands.

Vision2030 ambition1Ambition 1
Sandwell is a community where our families have high aspirations and where we pride ourselves on equality of opportunity and on our adaptability and resilience.   
Vision2030 ambition2Ambition 2
Sandwell is a place where we live healthy lives and live them for longer, and where those of us who are vulnerable feel respected and cared for.   
Vision2030 ambition3Ambition 3
Our workforce and young people are skilled and talented, geared up to respond to changing business needs and to win rewarding jobs in a growing economy. 

Vision2030 ambition4Ambition 4
Our children benefit from the best start in life and a high quality education throughout their school careers with outstanding support from their teachers and families.    
Vision2030 - Ambition 5Ambition 5
Our communities are built on mutual respect and taking care of each other, supported by all the agencies that ensure we feel safe and protected in our homes and local neighbourhoods.    
Vision2030 ambition6Ambition 6
We have excellent and affordable public transport that connects us to all local centres and to jobs in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, the airport and the wider West Midlands. 

Vision2030 ambition7Ambition 7
We now have many new homes to meet a full range of housing needs in attractive neighbourhoods and close to key transport routes. 
Vision2030 ambition8Ambition 8
Our distinctive towns and neighbourhoods are successful centres of community life, leisure and entertainment where people increasingly choose to bring up their families. 
Vision2030 ambition9Ambition 9
Sandwell has become a location of choice for industries of the future where the local economy and high performing companies continue to grow.   

Ambition 10Ambition 10
Sandwell now has a national reputation for getting things done, where all local partners are focused on what really matters in people’s lives and communities.